Hugh’s up for convergence?


The only theme at this year’s Unity seminar, south-coast distributor Hugh Symons’ annual summit for its choicest dealers, was convergence, and the need for the channel to adapt a more expansive sales pitch.

Around 40 dealers turned up, and beneath a shimmering ceiling of glimmer balls and yellow spotlights, heard the message loud and clear from Hugh Symons business manager Bob Sweetlove: “The point is how dealers can expand what they already do, to sell more than just mobiles.”

Hugh Symons, like Vodafone and everyone else in the industry these days, has a term for this move beyond straight mobile sales; ‘mobile plus’.
The network mantra, from then on, was very much in line with Sweetlove’s introductory note.

3, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange proceeded to outline their uses for the elite dealer channel in light of the convergence theme, and the reasons for dealers to connect customers to their networks.

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