Vodafone criticises MNP policy


Vodafone said last month Ofcom’s crackdown on mobile mis-selling was inconsistent with its initiative to reduce mobile number portability (MNP) to two hours next year.
In response to Ofcom’s proposed General Condition 23 (see above) it described the regulator’s decision to mandate a recipient-led mobile porting process in favour of the current network led, two-day system, as “perverse” and it should be reconsidered.
“Vodafone does not recognise Ofcom’s contention its policy in the area of clamping down on mis-selling is consistent with its policy in respect of MNP,” it said.
“Vodafone finds the decision to mandate a recipient-led mobile porting process perverse. The difficulty is compounded, however, by Ofcom’s insistence that the mobile porting process should be not only recipient-led, but also near instant, allowing no time for mistakes of any kind to be detected and rectified before a port takes place.
“Ofcom’s contention that it does not believe changes to MNP policy ‘would necessarily give rise to more slamming and mis-selling’ is simply not backed up by fact or experience; it should actively reconsider its stance on MNP, given its concerns about mis-selling.”