Fone Doctors is off to Wembley


London dealership Fone Doctors is to open a repair and unlocking lab in Wembley, northwest London, to cope with demand.
Fone Doctors, which has a single store in London Bridge, said it receives more than 350 handsets per week to unlock or repair. A Wembley branch will allow more volume and faster service.
Fone Doctors director Faisal Sheikh said: “There is a demand for my services nationally. My aim is to make Fone Doctors a national brand of choice.”
Sheikh claimed to be in early discussions with a mobile dealer to provide an unlocking and repair service in 30 stores.
“People need repairs and unlocking. It’s not illegal and I want to see it dragged away from the image of a market stall.
“It should be on the high street, working with networks, not against them – although I won’t hold my breath on that.
“I get 20 calls a day asking about iPhone unlocking. Just this morning a Carphone Warehouse manager in Newcastle called from his store for a customer about unlocking one.”