Vodafone to launch massive mobile internet campaign


Vodafone is to launch an intensive marketing campaign to push consumer use of the mobile internet.

Beginning June 16, the campaign will cover major train stations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds.

Vodafone has purchased extensive media in stations from billboards to ticket barriers to rotating poster boards on platforms. All of this will be supported by an ‘experiential tour’ not only at the stations but also at other public places including shopping centres, cricket grounds and key sporting events throughout the summer all over England and Scotland.
The campaign will depict tickets incorporating the travel theme with the main slogan of “Travel the mobile internet”, along with promotions of various websites and social networks. There will be 13 adverts in total.
The ‘experiential tour’ will start at London’s Kings Cross and Paddington stations, followed by other London stations including Victoria, London Bridge and Waterloo, before heading to regional transport hubs over 250 days.  

The tour will give people the chance to speak to a team of specially trained advisors to learn more about mobile email and test for themselves the power of the internet on their mobile while waiting for their train or doing their shopping. As part of the tour Vodafone will be setting itself a challenge – to set up a customer’s ‘free mail’ account, such as Yahoo Mail, Google Mail or MSN, on their phone in less than two minutes.
The campaign follows Vodafone’s announcement last month that it would incorporate email and unlimited access to the internet into monthly consumer price plans.

Vodafone UK director of consumer Ian Shepherd said: “This is a bold programme of advertising and marketing which we hope will help people see how easy it is to use your mobile to do even more than just talk and text.

“Be it Facebook, Yell, Yahoo Mail, eBay or Google, the internet on the mobile is a very powerful tool and what many people don’t realise is that it is very easy to set-up and use.

“This campaign will feature a great deal of variety to help people see how the mobile internet is relevant to them as an individual. And coupled with our experiential tour, we hope it will give them the confidence to give it a go, especially when we get them started by setting up their email in less than two minutes.”