BackSlap – Issue 416


Its carbon fibre and tempered glass body, a fine specimen, appeared damaged; it looked second hand. We felt taken for a fool, suckered by LG’s bold pronouncement the Secret was scratchproof. Our plans to climb Kilimanjaro, with the Secret hanging alongside our crampons and spring loaded carabinas were shattered.

But, it turns out, the transparent protective plastic cover had taken the brunt and the Secret was as good as new. Ironically, the plastic sheet does protect against fingerprints, however.

Without it, the screen becomes smudged very easily with sticky mits. So, no more trips to KFC on press day for us.

A room with a (pay per) view

We were informed cryptically, but entertainingly, this week of a certain spineless toad, working for a certain network operator, who got his comeuppance at this year’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium in spectacular style.

Our mole picks up the little morality tale: “Basically, he got somebody the sack because he didn’t have the balls to stand up and admit it was his mistake.

“So, a copy of his room key was obtained/stolen and every pay-per-view movie available was charged to his room, not to mention 10 bottles of champagne which were enjoyed by everybody in his team.”

News of this year’s oh poo festival

O2 has had a motion, sorry, notion to sanitise the sacred festival loo experience.

s O2 taking the proverbial? It has compiled research ahead of its Wireless festival next month that says 78 per cent of festival-goers consider dirty lavs a pain in the aris.

But isn’t it part of the festival ‘experience’? Not now big business has stepped in; mosh pits and mud baths have been replaced by flatscreens and massage chairs.

It is introducing something called the VIPee (cheeky!) toilet at this years’ event. O2 ‘angels’ will hand out wristbands (here’s the techy bit) equipped with near field communication trickery to swipe over a toilet door to gain access to this magical land.

A few hundred lucky O2 punters (and hopefully BackSlap hacks) will get access to these luxury toilets. Andrex instead of tracing paper, we understand!