Major T-Mobile dealer axed


B2B dealer Olive Communications could lose up to 25,000 SME and corporate customers after it ended trading with T-Mobile on June 9.

Olive said the termination was a result of "an ongoing contractual dispute" with T-Mobile. Neither party would give further details. Olive is looking to restore the relationship.

T-Mobile said Olive’s T-Mobile customer base, which measured 25,000 in April and was said to be rising at 1,000 connections per month, will be absorbed by T-Mobile. But Olive said it would explain the situation to its customers and attempt to offer equal or better value deals to those ready to upgrade on its remaining networks O2, Vodafone and Orange.

Olive director Rob Saffman said: "We are disappointed to have our business relationship with T-Mobile terminated and will take appropriate steps to resolve our contractual issues quickly.

"We are doing everything in our powers to ensure a positive outcome from this dispute. Both T-Mobile and Olive have lessons to learn from this, namely that parties in dispute should speak to each other at the earliest possible opportunity.

"We hope that customers forced to deal with T-Mobile direct for the first time will bear with us in the short term until this dispute is resolved and they are once more able to deal with Olive’s dedicated customer support team.

"We are exploring all options, including consulting with other networks, who appear ready, willing and able to offer the same or better terms to Olive customers through Olive in the future."

A T-Mobile spokesperson said: "T-Mobile has taken the commercial decision to end trading with Olive Communications. As of June 9, Olive Communications ceased to have the authority to promote T-Mobile products and services and connect or upgrade T-Mobile customers.

"In addition, Olive will no longer have access to customer accounts. T-Mobile has written to all affected customers to discuss options, which include being supported and managed directly by T-Mobile."

Olive, co-founded by managing director Mark Geraghty (pictured), was voted T-Mobile Business Partner of the Year for the past three years.