T-Mobile slashes EU data roaming costs


T-Mobile has announced it will cut European mobile data roaming charges by 80 per cent from next month and introduce roaming call and text packages in August.

Mobile broadband use from Europe will be cut from £7.50 per MB to £1.50. From August 30, the cost of sending a text from EU countries will be cut 40p to 25p.

On August 1, T-Mobile will introduce “Euro Holiday Boosters”, comprising minutes and texts in roaming packages. The bundles will be priced at £5, £10, £20 and £30, and respectively give £7.50, £15, £30 and £45 of roaming minutes and texts.

Customers will also be able to roam on partner Wi-Fi Hotspot networks at £1 for 10 minutes.

T-Mobile UK chief executive Jim Hyde said: “This substantial cut in European roaming charges signals our commitment to make mobile use overseas much more affordable and flexible. We have seen a growing demand to access the internet and make calls while traveling outside the UK. We are staying true to our reputation for providing exceptional value by introducing transparent and flexible tariffs for roaming that go a long way to leveling the cost of using your mobile at home and abroad.

“These latest measures will allow our customers the confidence to use the internet and make calls as they would at home. This is no longer the domain of the prolific business user. Occasional users who have relied on local phone services to call family and friends back home now have the freedom to use their mobiles without fear of the financial consequences.

“With one in four new contract customers signing on for mobile broadband and our user numbers expected to quadruple in 2008, we have taken timely action to remove the single biggest constraint for the growing number of people who rely on mobile internet access while travelling in Europe for business or pleasure.”