O2 rolls out NFC to care workers


O2 is rolling out trials of NFC (Near Field Communications) technology across the healthcare and entertainment sectors.

O2 said it intends to lead the way in establishing NFC as a mass market technology in the UK>

NFC is a contactless functionality, which enables a wide range of secure uses including cashless payments, public transport and event ticketing, and smart posters.

O2 is trialling NFC technology to protect care workers in the field while they are visiting patients.

It has equipped 120 healthcare workers with NFC handsets for remote community care access. NFC tags are being used to enable workers to access patient records on their handsets and log their whereabouts when they are visiting patients to enhance safety measures when workers are making house calls.

O2 is also using the service at this year’s O2 Wireless Festival, in July. VIP guests will be able to access reserved toilet cubicles by swiping NFC wristbands across a sensor on the door. Around 300 guests at the festival will be kitted out for the “luxury” toilet breaks.

Telefónica O2 UK customer director Tim Sefton said:

“We are keen to continue testing NFC in further sectors of the UK market to gain as much understanding and buy-in from both businesses and consumers about how and when to take this forward.”

O2 was behind the first large-scale trial of NFC technology in November last year, when it tested Oyster cards and payment services on inner London public transport.