Warner joins Nokia music stable


Warner Music is the latest record label to sign up to Nokia’s music download scheme, a central pillar in its bid to take on Apple in the digital content market and make itself more than a straight handset manufacturer.

Nokia’s digital music play comprises its track download shop Nokia Music Store and its Comes With Music platform, which offers a year’s free music downloads on certain Nokia phones and is expected to launch in the UK in the second half of the year.

Punters get to retain their Comers With Music libraries on future Nokia devices after one year, but must subscribe to the service thereafter. Nokia is to work a revenue share scheme with its partner music labels, derived from sales revenue from Comes With Music devices.

Warner joins Universal Music and Sony BMG in licensing Nokia to distribute its song catalogue.

Warner Music chairman and chief Edgar Bronfman said: "Nokia’s Comes With Music service will be a significant step forward in the evolution of digital music. It’s the first global initiative to fundamentally align the interests of music companies with telecommunications companies.

"Through this service and business model, all parties are equally driven to create the best and most comprehensive music offering designed to meet the ever-expanding consumer appetite for music and music-enabled devices."