T-Mobile launches deal match offer


T-Mobile has launched a new price-match guarantee on £30 Combi and Solo contracts.

The deal-match, the first of its kind, promises to match the value offered by any other network on £30 monthly deals.

It is available to existing T-Mobile customers on rolling 12 or 18-month contracts. Customers can flag up better deals from rival networks at any time during  the course of their contracts and have the value matched by the network.

T-Mobile head of post pay Steve Mitchell said: "Customers are disappointed by deal changes and are often reluctant to sign a contract until something better comes along.

"We’ve erased those fears by giving them the assurance they will always have the best deal on £30 per month.

"We have demonstrated our intent to keep our existing and new customers happy, which is a great platform to grow on."

The network has also added an extra 100 minutes to original Combi and Solo tariffs.

T-Mobile will launch a new SIM-only 30-day rolling contract called U-Fix Lite, which is expected to launch mid-July.

As with the 12 month version of U-Fix, customers will have their spend capped. Top-ups are available to customers who have reached their bundled allowance.

A T-Mobile staffer said: "T-Mobile seems to love SIM-only at the moment.

"It seems every week we have a new tariff to learn, but the deals are very good."