3 and Yahoo in ad deal


3 UK has given Yahoo! the exclusive rights to sell banner advertisements and sponsored links on its mobile internet portal.

The Yahoo! sold adverts will go live later this month and will be seen by visitors to Planet 3, which has 1.4 million registered users. 3 UK already has an ad-funded music video service which offers subscribers free music videos in return for watching a short, targeted video ad.

3 UK head of on portal advertising Neil Andrews said: “We believe Yahoo! has the experience to help us take full advantage of our portal and 3G subscriber base. By combining Yahoo!’s expertise in mobile advertising with 3’s inventory, we can help big brands target their advertising with maximum success.

“With the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile internet, more and more people are coming to the 3 portal. We’re in a great position to help brands reach our subscribers with a targeted and relevant advertising message.”

Vice president of Connected Life Yahoo! Europe Geraldine Wilson said: “Yahoo! is very focused on building up the reach and quality network that advertisers are looking for on the mobile, along with targeting capabilities and creative formats necessary for mobile advertising to be really successful.

“3 UK is a great new addition to our portfolio of mobile advertising partners. Their commitment to bring the best of the mobile internet to their customers, coupled with the high volume of traffic the portal gets, presents our portfolio of advertisers with a very attractive opportunity.”