Orange rolls out ad-funded videos


Orange has announced the launch of a new advertisement-supported video magazine service on Orange World.

Called ‘Zap!’, the new service will offer free video clips to all customers with a video enabled 2G or 3G handset on both prepay and contract.

The service, beginning June 25th, will allow customers to access video clips for free in exchange for watching advertising before their chosen video. ‘Zap!’ will feature celebrity, lifestyle, news and entertainment clips from broadcasters such as ITV, Sky, BBC Worldwide and ITN. Clips ranging from Little Britain to Soccer AM will be updated twice daily.

The ‘Zap!’ video magazine service will allow advertisers to buy mobile video pre and post roll ad spots, as well as companion banners that have been demographically targeted.

As identified in recent Orange ‘Exposure’ research, ad-funded content offers new ways of reaching audiences and the potential to generate new business models within the industry as mobile media users are extremely favourable towards viewing ads in exchange for free content.

Advertisers who have signed up include Twentieth Century Fox, Wrigley’s, Barclaycard, Cisco, Nissan, Paramount movies and Heat magazine.

Orange UK head of partnerships services Steve Wallage said: “It’s fantastic to be able to offer our customers video entertainment for free, while offering advertisers a unique opportunity to interact with a captive audience. Orange has already seen success in ad-funded trials, and offering video services to our entire customer base is quite a step.”