Data Select offers security solution


Data Select is offering a security service to businesses that use mobiles to pre-authenticate access to corporate networks or portals.

Data Select’s new mobile solution division, Mobile Managed Services, has teamed up with mobile commerce company Monitise Group for the new service, called Accode.

It is based on the secure technology used in Monitise’s award-winning mobile banking service, Monilink.

Accode generates a one time passcode used to secure access to desktop and online services. It removes dependence on insecure fixed codes or expensive token-based systems.  

The service is always available both online and offline, allowing it to work in areas with no network coverage. It can also be provisioned ‘over the air’ in seconds and can be customer branded to keep it consistent with existing network tools.

Andy Tow, managing director of Data Select’s Mobile Managed Services division, said:

"Security is of paramount importance to many customers. However, with mobile working a critical business need, virtual private network (VPN) or portal access is essential.

"Accode offers regulated VPN or portal access without compromising security or convenience. It meets the high security standards customers demand while delivering it on their existing mobiles, removing the need for new hardware."