Yes customer lands GBP 31k bill


Manchester-based service provider Yes Telecom has dealt with its second customer this year to run up data roaming bills of thousands of pounds.

Manchester IT contractor Iayn Dobsyn connected his laptop to the internet via his mobile from Portugal to download the series finale of US television show Prison Break.

Dobsyn, whose monthly bill is usually £150, ran up international roaming costs of £31,000.

Yes Telecom, which connects only Vodafone, has reduced Dobsyn’s bill to £229.

A Vodafone statement said: “Yes Telecom has always been committed to removing the uncertainty of charges when abroad by helping customers to choose the right price plan. We always recommend that customers contact us before travelling abroad.

“Yes Telecom would once again like to apologise to Mr Dobsyn for his experience and can confirm that the issue has already been resolved.”

Vodafone said it had recently reduced roaming costs on a number of fronts, for example, voice calls have reduced by 40 per cent, data reduced by 45 per cent and text reduced by 35 per cent. It said sales staff would be instructed to make all roaming rates clearer to customers.

In May, a Manchester-based solicitor named ‘Janet’ received a bill from Yes Telecom for £4,900 for downloading The Apprentice and two other BBC shows while she was on holiday in France. Her excess costs were also waived.