Olive Impulse buy put on hold


B2B dealer Olive Communications said last week the deterioration of its trading relationship with T-Mobile has delayed its £2 million purchase of Impulse music stores.

But Olive sales director Rob Saffman said the deal had not fallen through and that Olive remained "hopeful".

Olive is still waiting to see if T-Mobile might reverse its decision to terminate its contract. But a T-Mobile spokesperson said: "The decision to terminate the relationship remains."

Saffman said Olive was in touch with Yes Telecom about taking on customers. Olive says it has more than 25,000 customers on T-Mobile and Saffman suggested as many as 50 per cent might remain with Olive because of its high service levels.

Olive has set up an online petition to dispute T-Mobile’s decision. So far, 150 business customers have signed it.