Nokia claims Eseries bucks ‘ugly’ trend


Nokia claimed its new Eseries devices are the first smartphones in the market to boast genuinely stylish designs.

"It’s absolutely a conscious decision to make style a factor in these devices," said Nokia senior vice president for business mobility sales David Petts.

"One big differences is we’ve recognised business people don’t want ugly, clunky devices; they want to use something nice that covers their whole life."

The E71, a follow up to the E61i, is the thinnest QWERTY device on the market, claimed Petts.

Nokia reckons the E66 slider, taking over from the E65, packs smartphone functionality into a mass-market form factor.

Both devices feature enhanced home screen address book and calendar functions, while users can switch between work/home themes, interfaces and calendars with a single keystroke.

Nokia will make 10,000 applications available for the devices from its download site, including a new Sports Tracker service with GPS to track a runner’s speed, distance and time to a training diary.

Both the E71 and E66 come with either metallic or white finishes.

They feature Microsoft Exchange mobile email and support more than 1,000 internet service providers’ POP 3 email services.

Nokia said this would aid in the mobilisation of the world’s 700 million business and 800 million personal email addresses. The mobile conversion of these currently stands at less than 10 per cent.

Petts said: "We didn’t have huge credibility with IT business organisations, so we’ve been working to extend our brand attributes towards business.

"E Series is about optimising the total experience for business people and that means you have to adhere to company requirements for IT management.

"These devices have better hardware encryption [than previous Eseries phones], which is important for IT groups to help protect their assets. The encryption hardware will be migrated to a wider product range."

He added: "The style element will continue across future business devices, but how small you can make a QWERTY device is questionable."