O2 plays down iPhone box breaking fears


O2 UK consumer sales director Steven Shurrock has played down the issue of box breaking ahead of the launch of the new 3G iPhone this week.

O2 has altered the connection process for the new iPhone, out Friday (July 11), so that customers must sign up to a O2 contract in the traditional manner before they can leave store with an iPhone.

The first version was available to customers as a straight box purchase, and exposed O2 to box breaking. But Shurrock maintained this week the issue was a minor bother first time around, and not a concern at all ahead of this week’s launch.

He told Mobile News: "We should only discuss what we are concerned with at the moment and box breaking isn’t an issue for us.

"Last time around people could simply purchase the handset and leave the store. Box breaking wasn’t a major issue then and, with the connection process now taking place online or in store, it’s even less of a concern to us."

O2 has also put back the launch of the prepay version of the 3G iPhone as early demand for the contract version threatens to outrun supply. O2 said the iPhone will be available on prepay in time for the Christmas gifting season, and that pricing will be confirmed nearer the time.