Nokia promotes handset recycling


Nokia is encouraging people to recycle their old handsets through a service at the manufacturer’s flagship store on London’s Regent Street.

It has cited research saying that just 10 per cent of people in the UK would recycle their old handsets, with 17 per cent unaware that they could do this.

The manufacturer will include recycling information in new handset boxes.

Nokia director of environmental affairs Markus Terho said: "In the first case we just want to make the number aware of recycling methods go up. We are going to run environmental awareness schemes in a country specific way with takeback programs."

Nokia has also created its first wireless loopset for users with T-coil hearing aids.

While other Bluetooth enabled loopsets are available in the market, Nokia claim its produces a stronger magnetic signal, improving the audio quality and also including a vibrating alert and a feature to adjust the level of feedback the user receives of their own voice.

The loop is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and allows users to use their phones without any interference from the signal of the phone.

Meanwhile, it is also hosting a series of roller discos around the UK as it launches its ‘Music Almighty’ campaign.

The Skate Almighty events are to be held in London, Birmingham and Manchester throughout July, and appear to be part of the manufacturer’s digital content push.

DJ sets from acts such as Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, Zero 7 and Norman Jay will headline the events designed to raise visibility of the Nokia Music Store and music features on Nokia handsets.