Orange opens early for iPhone fever


Orange staff have expressed mixed feelings about their employer’s decision to open stores early tomorrow (Friday, July 11) in a bid to offer disappointed iPhone 3G shoppers an alternative destination.

The 3G Apple iPhone launches Friday mornin at 8.02am. O2 has confirmed only a fraction of the supply available to its for last November’s launch of the original iPhone will be available to stores this time around.

Orange, without the UK rights to distribute iPhone products, will will open early too in some areas.

One Orange staffer said: "It’s at the manager’s discretion but I think it’s ridiculous. People aren’t going to get up early to purchase the iPhone and suddenly realise they want something from an Orange store instead, just because we are open. It’s a destination product."

Another Orange store manager said: "I hope we get given an extra overtime allowance because I’m, already at the limit."

But another said: "I’m not concerned. Anyone who is fed up with waiting for the iPhone, might come and buy something from us instead."

Orange said it could not confirm the one-off store opening times.