Mobile advertisers to have new code


The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released a global code of conduct for advertisers to build mobile marketing initiatives around.

The MMA code is intended to guide companies so that they can effectively, and responsibly, leverage the mobile channel for marketing purposes, whilst always protecting the consumer experience.
The new code covers five categories: informing users of the marketers’ identity or products and services offered and the terms and conditions of an interaction between the marketer and the user’s mobile device; respecting the user’s right to control which mobile messages they receive by opting in or out; ensuring user information is handled responsibly; protecting user information from unauthorised use; and requiring members to comply with a privacy code.

MMA global board chairman Russell Buckley said: “The MMA believes that strong consumer privacy standards are essential to the success of mobile marketing by protecting mobile users from unwanted communications on their mobile devices. It is only through industry support of strong privacy guidelines that the power of mobile marketing can reach its full potential.”

MMA president Laura Marriott added: “It is the heart and soul of the MMA to ensure a positive, consistent consumer experience, encouraging marketers to get the consumer interaction right first time round so that mobile interactions from brands are not viewed negatively.

“The MMA Global Code of Conduct creates clear and consistent global guidelines for the careful treatment of each and every consumer interaction to help build a sustainable industry for mobile marketing.”