Qualitel pours GBP40k into IT


B2B dealer Qualitel has invested more than £40,000 in IT infrastructure so staff can better manage customers’ accounts.

Qualitel, based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, claims to be one of the top 30 independents in the UK. It is a certified partner and direct dealer with Vodafone, a member of O2’s Advance programme and an Orange connector via airtime distributor Mainline.

Andy Smith (pictured), non executive director and veteran of Vodafone and Anglia/Redstone, said: "Qualitel is unique. I’ve been in this business 23 years and know the indirect channel inside out. It is among the very top dealers in the country in terms of volume, with 99 per cent SME connections.

"There aren’t many B2B dealers spending this kind of money on IT infrastructure purely to help manage customers.

"We could easily have spent that money on something else, like a marketing
campaign, but we think customer management is more important. We always lead
with what’s best for the client, not us."