T-Mobile ups mystery shops


T-Mobile has intensified its own store mystery shopping process.

All 280 T-Mobile stores are now evaluated 21 times per month. Previously, each store was ‘mystery shopped’ just once per month.

T-Mobile is retaining its traditional mystery shop process, which sees each store visited and assessed every month. But it has now introduced a system where customers are telephoned after making a purchase from stores to gauge feedback on service.

In total, 20 customers from each store will be telephoned for feedback each month. The shop assessment will be conducted by International Contact Analysis.

T-Mobile head of retail service and development Jon Talbot said: "We think this is a great way of mystery shopping. It provides us with a totally unbiased view of customer service.

"It was trialled in the first half of the year and is now fully operational."

Stores that receive positive feedback will be rewarded with cash prizes, while those that perform poorly will receive extra training.

"Rewards motivate staff, which improves customer satisfaction," said Talbot.

"To my knowledge no other network currently does this. We believe it’s a great way of keeping a closer eye on staff to ensure we have the best customer service in the market."

But staff suggested customers might dislike unsolicited calls from T-Mobile, while customers’ opinions of services such as repairs or simple top-ups rarely had much to do with staff.

"People never like handing over their details anyway. If a customer has sent a phone off for repair and gets a phone call asking about the service, it’s unlikely to be positive, which reflects poorly on us," said one T-Mobile staffer.

"I don’t think too many people will be happy about receiving a call asking about the service anyway; they’re hardly going to be enthusiastic about something which may be as insignificant as buying credit. They will just want to get off the phone."

Another staffer said: "Five times a week is a bit much, but will keep us on our toes."