Vodafone’s SIM ready laptop offer


Vodafone has introduced a new range of laptops embedded with mobile broadband access for around the same cost as a regular laptop from August 4.

The initiative is to significantly lower the cost of built-in mobile broadband technology across the entire range of upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. Typically, notebooks with built-in technology, such as antennas or a SIM card, cost up to £100 more than notebooks without a mobile broadband built-in module.

From next month, the new Lenovo notebook range will cost about the same price as those without. Vodafone customers will be able to purchase new ThinkPad notebooks in the performance T and ultraportable X Series and on all of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad SL Series notebooks. The ThinkPad SL notebooks are specifically for SME users, who will receive a free 30-day mobile broadband trial.

Vodafone UK director of enterprise Mark Bond said: “Mobile broadband has come of age with its inclusion by default into Lenovo’s entire range of ThinkPad notebooks. This move clearly demonstrates Lenovo’s commitment to delivering real benefit to business customers.”

Additionally, Gartner analysts have found that “3G service offerings are becoming sufficiently stable to enable an embedded notebook solution to last three years without an upgrade and that internal 3G modules will perform significantly better than external solutions for signal strength”.

Embedded modems used for mobile broadband connectivity are projected to grow at an increasing rate in the next few years as the number of mobile workers increases. Gartner forecasts embedded modem sales to have a compound annual growth rate of 94.3 per cent from 2008 to 2012.