Fonehouse stretched on franchise target


Fonehouse has admitted its target of 35 franchise dealerships by the end of the year may be too tall an order.

In May, the retailer announced plans for a franchise programme to re-brand independents in full Fonehouse regalia including signage and point of sale display material.

In addition, dealers gain access to preferential T-Mobile stock by joining, with the chance to gain access to better stock allocation and deals on a par with high street retailers as well as direct offers from T-Mobile.

There are currently eight dealerships signed up to the franchise programme.

Bayley said: "We’re happy with the number we have at the moment and there are more in the pipeline to join soon.

"Retail is tough at the moment and this is a big positive for us. It would be very good going to hit our original target of 35 by the end of the year.

"However, these things always take time to get going and from September onwards we’ll look to add at lease one franchise per week, so I expect it to pick up speed significantly. You never know, we may do it."