Sony Ericsson unveils Walkman trio


Sony Ericsson has announced three new Walkman phones and a range of accessories.

The W902, W595 and W302 Walkman models will be released in Q4 and be accompanied by a range of portable speakers and new head phones.

Each new device is pitched to a different market segment. The W302 (pictured, right) will be available as a prepay handset. Sony Ericsson said the UK prepay market is growing, and that the W302 will help it gain market share given its relatively high specification in the prepay space.

Sony Ericsson head of UK marketing Dave Hilton said: "There is growth in prepay, and what customers expect from prepay phones. The W302 will allow us growth in that market."

The W902 (pictured, left) is Sony Ericsson’s new flagship Walkman handset. It includes Sony Ericsson’s ‘Clear Audio’ experience, its guarantee of superior sound quality across its handset, headphones and speaker systems.

The handset also includes multimedia features such as a five megapixel camera and video capabilities.

The W595 (pictured, middle) is a mid-range handset, to replace the W580, which will make its way onto low-end contracts and prepay.

Sony Ericsson also announced the first noise cancellation headphones that will sit in the ear and be powered by the handset, rather than batteries.