Retailers stage third Vodafone boycott


Thousands of newsagents and convenience stores will stage a third boycott of Vodafone this weekend (July 25-7) in protest against Vodafone’s one per cent commission cut to its e-top up payments.

It follows two similar boycotts in recent weeks, and comes on the back of Vodafone’s recent results, which showed profits of around £11 billion, despite sever downturns in its UK and Spanish operations.

Kevin Hunt, botcott organiser, said: "Why do Vodafone with such massive profits feel the need to cut the already small commission rate paid to retailers?

"This really is a disappointing development for retailers. Vodafone says it is cutting our percentage commission rate because it is investing in driving sales of top-up which, they say, will compensate us for the loss in revenue and will be of benefit to both Vodafone and retailers. However it is clear from today’s announcement that Vodafone are, in truth, the only winners here.

"This is a difficult time for retailers and we must defend our businesses. I am urging every business owner in the UK who sells top-up to join the campaign to make Vodafone reverse their decision."

O2 and T-Mobile have said they will not follow Vodafone’s lead and cut their e-top up commissions too. Orange and 3 refused to comment.