T-Mobile staff get discount mates’ rates


From next month (August), T-Mobile will again allow staff to connect friends and family to contracts at a discount rate, after removing the option for almost three months.

Staff were able to offer friends and family 50 per cent discounts on line rentals before it was removed. The reason behind its withdrawal is unknown to staff.

Despite it reinstatement, new rules state any customer signing up for new connection or upgrade will immediately lose the discount should the member of staff leave the company.

Originally, customers would lose the discount when they upgraded.

Other changes to the offer include limiting the discount to customers signing for £30 or more tariffs, (£15 with the discount) which before was available on all tariffs. T-Mobile also reduced the number of friends and family connections available per staff member earlier this year from unlimited to five.

One T-Mobile staffer said: "As a result, most of my friends are now on T-Mobile. I have some family who are waiting to sign up using my discount but I’m slightly reluctant to do so, as they will be charged double if I leave."

Another staffer said: "The network has some very good offers, but I think they are clawing back money where they can. This is another example."

A T-Mobile spokesperson said: "From August, T-Mobile will re-instate the hugely popular Friends and Relations scheme for its staff.  

"This follows a three-week review of the scheme’s administration to make it more sustainable and let staff enjoy the fantastic benefits it offers on phone and mobile broadband price plans."