O2 launches ‘takeaway’ broadband


O2 has launched a joint mobile and home broadband offer as well as a revamped ‘takeaway’ home broadband package.

Customers that purchase O2 mobile broadband for £20 per month, which includes free USB modem on 18-month contracts, 3GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi, will receive O2’s home broadband standard package service free for a year.

The offer is available for customers signing up to O2 mobile broadband between August 1 and October 31 and who live within the O2 home broadband network, which covers about 60 per cent of the UK population. Customers wanting to upgrade to a higher speed package or not covered by O2’s broadband network will receive a £7.50 per month discount on their chosen plan for 12 months.

Existing O2 mobile and home broadband customers can take advantage of this offer.

O2 UK marketing director Sally Cowdry said: “Whether our customers are watching a video or playing a game online at home, or browsing the internet on their laptop while on the move, our combined broadband package is the perfect combination to help them stay connected wherever they are.”

From August 4, customers can purchase the new O2 ‘Home Broadband Takeaway’ box for £30 in any O2 store. The package includes a wireless router and everything a customer needs to get started with O2 home broadband. The initial £30 cost of the box will be credited to customer’s first broadband bill. It will also be sold through Carphone Warehouse from mid-August.

The O2 Home Broadband Takeaway service allows customers to set up broadband in their own time, for customers who want home broadband but do not want to wait for their router to be delivered.

Said Cowdry: “Customers told us that they wanted the flexibility to set up broadband in their own time. O2 Home Broadband Takeaway enables this, so they can take a tangible product home and benefit from an unparalleled buying experience for broadband in store.”

O2 Home Broadband Takeaway is only available for use with O2 home broadband and can not be used with the mobile broadband offer.