LG installs Dolby in high-end handsets


LG has struck a deal with Dolby to install its audio enhancing technology in handsets to be sold globally in Q4.

Features of Dolby’s sound technology for mobile phones include Mobile Surround, a surround sound system for headphones, Natural Bass, a base booster system, and Sound Level Control, which levels out audio for consistent playback volume.

LG president and chief executive Dr. Skott Ahn said: "We believe this technology will raise the bar for audio quality on multimedia phones and expect Dolby Mobile to help us create a new trend in the mobile phone industry."

Dolby Laboratories president and chief executive Bill Jasper said: "This agreement combines LG’s vision and resources with Dolby’s pioneering leadership in entertainment technology to deliver the next generation of mobile entertainment.

"Our broad experience and success working with LG in the past gives us great confidence as we move forward."