Vodafone boycotters admit defeat


The leader of the online drive to boycott Vodafone over top-up commission cuts has quit his campaign and has no plans to implement a surcharge.

Kevin Hunt said he was disappointed he was unable to change Vodafone’s stance on the subject but he can no longer justify inconveniencing his customers.

"I’m disappointed from where we were a week ago to now," said Hunt.

"The support to take it further was showing signs of cracking up. Groups of shops couldn’t afford to keep to a longer term switch off. There’s also the moral problem of turning away a customer who might need the credit for an emergency.

"Some people are now looking at surcharges but it’s not something we are looking at as a business.

"If the other networks follow with cuts we may have to look at surcharging to protect our margins. Although I’d like to think the operators that assured us that they had no plans to cut their commission would see it through."

Some retailers are considering a surcharge to recoup the income they will lose from the one per cent cut in commission but there is fear they could risk losing customers.