Mainline launches dealer web portal


Mainline has launched a new online account management service called iManage, designed to provide its expanding network of dealers with a higher level of customer service.

Dealers can log on to their account via an online web portal and can view all the information they need to manage their day-to-day account with Mainline, including commission payments, remittances, invoices and connections.  

The iManage service also supports the business-to-business fulfilment tool, which allows users to allocate orders via logging on to the web portal. This tool has been well received by dealers and has operated successfully since its introduction earlier this year.

Dealers can create additional users on their account, each with customised security levels – allowing their staff to view relevant documents and records whilst maintaining the integrity of more sensitive information.

Mainline marketing manager Stephen Spillett said: "Businesses in general have been moving towards online administration processes in an effort to make it easier for their workforce and to address green issues.

"iManage reinforces our commitment to making this business as straightforward as possible for all our dealers. This is a great value added benefit that saves both time and cost."