A Wight-label insurance firm


Standing proudly on the promenade in Ryde, Isle of Wight, is the Prince Consort building, Queen Victoria’s personal yacht club.

The grand arched windows that look out on the Solent might be the last place you would look to find an insurance call centre, but Citymain believes it’s one of the things that sets it apart.

Citymain is an insurance administrator that specialises in the mobile dealer and distributor channel, although managing director Paul Kelsey (pictured right with sales and marketing manager Neil Spanswick) says ‘administrator’ isn’t a title that does the company justice.

"We are a round peg in a square hole," he says.

"We’re a scheme provider really, a typical administrator handles the claims; we provide the whole programme. We go away, design the programme, implement it and run it. The only thing we don’t do is the actual underwriting."

By not underwriting the programmes themselves, or sticking to one underwriter, Citymain believes it can offer a level of customisation and flexibility that sets it apart from its rivals.

By taking each partner individually and discussing their needs, Citymain reckons it offers a unique product that fits the level of cover and commission they want to sell.

Full article in Mobile News issue 420 (August 11, 2008).

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