Qualitel signs up to Destiny’s dealer drive


Digital pen and paper company Destiny Wireless has begun to expand its UK reseller base through a deal with B2B dealer Qualitel.

The deal is the first of what Destiny hopes will be a major expansion in the UK B2B market, with more companies expected to complete discussions in the near future.

Destiny provides technology that allows forms to be processed instantly without the need for postage or manual input of data. By using a digital pen and pre-coded paper, information can be collected and sent via Bluetooth to a phone that can then pass the information on.

“Our partnership with Qualitel is another step forward for digital pen technology in the UK," said Destiny founder and chief executive officer Edward Belgeonne (pictured).

"Our solution offers more than just improved and faster form filling. Companies can use our technology to manage their workforces, view and track their mobile people and assets, direct them to their next job without returning to base and speed up their business processes.

"Our technology offers resellers like Qualitel the opportunity to provide a large range of digital solutions to improve the efficiency of almost any business."

Qualitel is also using the technology in its own business to fill out O2 contracts.