New Nokia BB5 crack arrives


Kit developer Dejan Kaljevic has released a new Nokia BB5 unlocking solution, available direct to dealers.

The UK unlocking community said this week Kaljevic, behind sevebral BB5 chipset cracks, is selling BB5 unlocking boxes for around €200 (£158), with unlock credits at around €10 each.

It is thought the new unit will only work with newer BB5 devices, such as the Nokia N95 8GB, N78, 6220 Classic and 6500 Slide and Classic.

A handset can be unlocked via a data cable, although test points are involved through certain handsets.

In May, Stoke-based Mobile Phone Solutions claimed to have the only direct BB5 unlocking solution, the DM3BOX; a standalone system capable of unlocking Nokia handsets without the need of the internet or the help of Nokia.

As with Kaljevic’s solution, the phone isn’t dismantled. But unlockers can’t get their own DM3BOX, which has seen some unlockers shun the solution.

"As this system can be bought and used straightaway, I think you’ll see many unlockers ditching the DM3BOX," said The Phone Shop proprietor Adrian Foot. "It means we’d have a solution in store and be able to get more devices unlocked."

Phone Tek-Nation proprietor Dean Ancill agreed the new solution could "put a dent" in usage of the DM3BOX.

"Kaljevic is famed for solid BB5 unlocking solutions," he said. "It will be a blessing for dealers in London especially, because as far as I’m aware, Mobile Phone Solutions won’t go any further south with the DM3BOX than about Birmingham.

"There would be no messing around travelling; all unlocks could be done while the customer waits, meaning we could get through significantly more phones.

"This could be as good as the DM3BOX, if not better."

Nokia hit out at news of the latest BB5 crack.

A spokesperson said: “Nokia is aware of a number of unlocking solutions within the market place, however we do not support or condone the use of these activities.”