Carphone gets pink LG KC550


LG has launched a pink variant of the KC550 (pictured) exclusively through The Carphone Warehouse.

LG head of mobile marketing Jeremy Newing said: "The KC550 is already the most affordable 5-megapixel cameraphone on the market and the pink variant is a great addition to our portfolio."

The handset is aimed at the prepay market and will be available for £99. It includes a Schneider-Kreuznach-certified lens and advanced image stabiliser to help users take pictures, as well as an accelerometer to allow the handset to sense its orientation.

LG has also launched the KS360, with a sliding QWERTY keypad which rotates the phone screen 90 degrees when opened. It is available in pink and white, or blue and silver.

Newing said: "With the popularity of social networking sites and instant messaging among younger audiences, the KS360 has been designed so they can access these features when away from their computers.

"It is perfect for this segment of the market; vibrant colours, easy-to-use QWERTY keypad and fantastic messaging features make it a simple and fun device that will enable users to communicate with each other instantly."