Orange relaunches fixed broadband


Orange has reintroduced its free home broadband offer to new contract customers.

New customers signing up to contracts of £30 per month and over can get Orange’s basic fixed-line broadband package free.

Orange is to increase marketing activity around its fixed-line proposition again this week and is expected to offer increased value in terms of users’ download allowances.

Orange vice president of the consumer customer team Mike Newnham (pictured) said:

"We’re seeing huge improvements in the quality of the service. We stopped marketing the service aggressively late last year so we could focus on improving the basics. The difference we’ve made is hugely positive and our customers are telling us so."

In an internal memo last week, Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander said: "The experience we give our broadband customers shows a significant improvement, and whilst we can’t afford to get complacent, it’s fair to say that the service is in better shape than it has been for a number of years.

"With new customer offers launching on Monday, we should see some real progress following all of that hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes."

Improvements to its fixed-line broadband service was a key part of Alexander’s strategy to fix the basics to get the UK business moving forward.

An Orange spokesman added: "We have been determined to improve the experience we delivered to our customers for fixed-line broadband.

"We can now say that line stability is better, provisioning speeds are faster and there are significantly less service faults reported than before.

"Those changes have led to a massive improvement in broadband customer satisfaction scores compared to 12 months ago.

"We’re now in a place to start marketing the service again."