Nokia stock shortages on Orange


Dealers were angry last week the supply of key business handsets such as the Nokia 6500 classic, 6500 slide and the 6300, had dried up, and claimed revenues were down as a result.

An Orange spokesman said: "Orange is aware there was a minor delay in receiving stock from Nokia and this is now being resolved."

One dealer claimed a scarcity of Nokia stock via Orange has seen many of his stores completely sold out. He said he cannot replenish Nokia stock levels and his sales have dropped by a third in the meantime.

Another said: "We give Orange a lot of business, but we have been unable to provide Nokia kit to important business customers recently, which is what a lot of them want."

Another dealer said: "We have been left high and dry. There seems to be a massive breakdown in communication. We’ve started recommending other networks as a result; you can’t sell, what you don’t have."

Orange airtime distributor Mainline, through which many of the dealers connect the network, explained the shortage coincided with its ‘Colours of India’ promotion, which is running in conjunction with both Orange and Nokia.

Mainline said: "Sales of Nokia handsets have boomed as a result, which led to a short-term shortage of certain handsets – the 6300 and the 6500 slide – earlier this summer.

"The shortage resulted in these handsets being rationed for a short period of time, with actual customer orders (rather than stock orders) from Business Mobile and M-Viron dealers receiving priority."

Mainline’s ‘Colours of India’ incentive offers dealers luxury holidays in Delhi, Agra or Jaipur for good sales of Nokia phones on Orange contracts.