Devika: My iPhone is like an old banger


Breakdowns, freezing, battery problems, overheating. It sounds like a typical catalogue of disaster for an old banger car. 

In fact, it’s my personal experience of Apple’s iPhone 3G.

I was pulled in by the hype surrounding the iPhone. I had to get my hands on the 3G version, having played around with the original for months.

But my relationship with the iPhone 3G soured from day one. After taking the handset home and charging it, it needed recharging by lunch time the following day.

That was the trend for the first week – me, taking my charger everywhere in case, god forbid, I wanted to use the internet and drained the juice. 

Then I tried to take the SIM card out. The small box where the SIM is placed broke in two as I fiddled to retrieve my SIM.

Confused and angry, I stormed into the Carphone shop I’d purchased (yes, it seems, Apple doesn’t much like giving specialist trade journalists handsets to try, presumably in case they are critical of them).

I was faced by an unforgiving Carphone salesman who refused to exchange mine for a new one.

So I made a call to O2, which, after some probing, agreed to send me a replacement,

All resolved? Well, no. My new iPhone 3G arrives, shiny and pristine in its box, and, blam, same old issues. The battery life is terrible, with 3G functions sucking the life out of it.

Worse, programmes are freezing and the internet goes down continuously. It’s not exactly fun.