Going back to basic salaries


Carphone Warehouse’s decision to scrap traditional commission-based payments, a model the entire mobile sales sector has been brought up on, is undoubtedly bold.

It is an industry move, taken by the UK’s largest mobile phone retailer, away from the old school; away from the kind of sales techniques slammed as distrustful and money grabbing in recent television documentaries from both Channel 4 (Dispatches) and the BBC (Panorama).

It also chimes perfectly with the current channel message of quality, not quantity, of sales, and the networks’ apparent move towards reducing handset subsidies.

But Carphone’s move was not strictly the first, and it’s far from alone in encouraging its staff to stand united to drive store profits, as opposed to standing apart to drive individual bonuses by mis-selling.

Full article appears in Mobile News issue 421 (August 25, 2008).

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