Motorola to axe UK distributors


Motorola will follow Nokia’s lead in the UK by axing distribution partners next year.

Motorola UK and Ireland general manager Jim Michel (pictured) said the firm needed to improve its market position before conducting a review.

He said: "In the position we are at the moment, we’re talking to everybody, but as we establish ourselves back in the market place, we are going to take the Nokia stance, because it can’t continue the way it is.

"Once you establish yourself as an organisation, the distributors have to start offering something completely different than what they have been offering.

"The mentality has to move towards a service mentality and that’s what we want, although we won’t be in that position until the middle of next year.

"My initial thoughts are that we wouldn’t deal with any more than three, if we can get away with two that would be a lot better.

"We work with all of them at the moment because we are trying to grab as many opportunities as possible.

"If you look at the market now, people are looking for differentiation, next day deliveries, stock controls; we have to be thinking about how we can change our business and find new channels to market."