Naomi Cleaver to front T-Mobile campaign


T-Mobile has made TV presenter and celebrity interior designer Naomi Cleaver the face of its range of new MDA smartphones.

Cleaver has presented a range of prime-time series on interior design for Channel 4, including Other People’s Houses, Trade Secrets and Grand Designs Live. Off-screen she is also a design consultant and interior designer with studios in London and the Caribbean.

Cleaver is to promote a range of MDA handsets including the recently-launched Compact IV, and the upcoming Vario IV smartphones. She will appear in a range of press advertisements.

T-Mobile head of handset and device marketing Daniel Meredith said: "Naomi’s experience and continuing success in her field of expertise reflected our new handsets, which combine high-design with cutting-edge mobile technology."

Said Cleaver: "I’m really pleased to be working with T-Mobile on the MDA range. The MDA Compact IV has liberated the way I work and I love the fact that I have access to everything at the touch of a button – my clients, friends and family are now closer than ever.

"The design of the MDA Compact IV is more innovative then any of the previous devices in the MDA range. It has all the functionality I expect from my lap top, but without carrying the additional weight."