T-Mobile trials new commissions


T-Mobile is trialling three new commission structures, running in three different regions.

Under the current scheme, sales staff must accrue on average 90 points from new connections, 60 points from upgrades and 150 points from prepay sales before T-Mobile will pay out their full commission. Staff claim the current scheme is complicated and confusing.

The new schemes see staff rewarded per sale so salespeople can, in one trial in London, earn up to £3 for a prepay handset; up to £5 for a new contract, upgrade or broadband dongle, and £2 for insurance.

One London T-Mobile staffer said: "This temporary scheme would be much better for us if it stays. At least you know what you’ll be taking home at the end of the month."

Anecdotal reports from staffers suggest the trial has succeeded, that staff commissions have doubled in some cases and sales are up.

The trial finishes at the end of August. T-Mobile will collate data and feedback from staff, and decide whether to maintain the old system or adopt the new one.

T-Mobile refused to comment.