Mobile theft down but N96 a target


Police crime figures show mobile phone theft has almost halved since 2003 and is going down year-on-year.

July’s figures indicate less than 6,000 thefts, compared with 11,000 in 2003. Police say consumers are taking greater care of their mobiles and using the right tools to block handsets, such as the National Mobile Register.

But high-end handsets are still being targeted, with the Nokia N95 the most sought after by thieves, suggests Police National Mobile Phone Crime Unit intelligence manager Chris Paice.

Paice also warns the Nokia N96, launching in October, may be in equally high demand.

The iPhone has not been as attractive, Paice claimed.

He said: "When the original came out there were some shop lifting incidents, but the new version has had little attention."

Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum (MICAF) chairman Jack Wraith (pictured) said:

"We need to raise consumer awareness of the safety risks of using a mobile. Unfortunately users do not always appreciate the risks of leaving a phone on a bar and so forth."