Olive churns 2,000 T-Mobile contracts


B2B dealer Olive Communications has bought out the contracts of 2,000 T-Mobile customers and churned them to rival networks.

It has put in place a plan to churn a further 2,000 T-Mobile subscribers per month as it seeks to rebuild following the loss of its T-Mobile licence in June.

Olive, which is suing T-Mobile for more than £1 million in loss of earnings and £700,000 in unpaid commissions, saw its customer base reduced by two thirds, from 45,000 to 15,000, when T-Mobile terminated its dealer code.

Olive Managing director Mark Geraghty (pictured) said, in its first full month’s trading since T-Mobile’s action, Olive had bought out the remainder of 2,000 former customers’ contracts and switched them to other networks.

Olive now connects customers to Vodafone via Yes Telecom, O2 via Avenir and Orange via Midland.

Geraghty said pledges from loyal clients will see Olive achieve similar acquisition numbers over the next 12 months.

It wants to increase its base to 25,000 by the end of the year.

"We’ve just had our first month away from T-Mobile and it’s business as usual. We’re happy with the way things are moving," said Geraghty.

"Our main objective is to churn as many customers as we can and get them back on our books, as well as connecting new customers. A lot of customers have said the level of service they’re receiving isn’t good enough and want to come back."

Geraghty claimed T-Mobile is making commercially unviable offers in a desperate bid to keep customers.

"They are throwing a lot of money at customers to prevent them switching, offering much better deals for a lot less money. They physically can’t make any money from them."

Geraghty said Olive will turnover £13-14 million at the end of its August financial year.

Its proposed buyout of Impulse Music has also moved closer, with Olive supplying stores with SIM-free BlackBerry and HTC handsets and accessories.