Teamwork is a strange concept for salespeople


Recent commission changes by Carphone, Phones 4U and 3 have put the emphasis on teamwork.

It all sounds pretty idyllic, but also cutthroat. Stand together, or fall apart and watch your pocket money dwindle.

T-Mobile is considering a different tack. Its trial scheme will mean the old points system could be forced out, and a new non-target structure introduced, where staff are simply paid per sale.

On the face of it, it seems like the fairest compromise out there.

Staff get paid no matter, and their money improves the better they are. And they are not compromised if they are in a store with low footfall or with staff with no motivation; certainly not an original move.

Sales staff need proper incentives.

No matter the call for feel-good sales, and a friendly, unpressurised patter, any seller needs a carrot. And they also need to know they can dazzle on the shop floor without having to worry about whether their colleagues are performing.

It’s a dog eat dog sector and, ask any sales "assistant", teamwork just doesn’t cut it. You can’t rely on others to earn your monthly wage packet for you.