A 21st Century Phones Direct


It’s been a hectic 12 months for Richard Hunt (pictured). In January, he rebranded long-running B2B dealership Phones Direct as 21C Telecom, to give it a more contemporary name and better capture the kinds of communications solutions the business is pushing.

He says: "The Phones Direct name was a little bit dated. It sounded like we were trying to sell free phones from out of a Sunday newspaper. It didn’t really talk about what we are doing."

Hunt started Phones Direct with two friends, who he has since bought out, in 1996. Since the beginning, business sales have been its sole focus and it developed a good name in the channel for data solutions, handsfree kits, fleet tracking and SatNav systems.

With the rebranding due, Hunt expanded the dealership’s focus to also include landline systems, VoIP and hosted IP solutions.

Full article in Mobile News issue 421 (August 25, 2008).

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