Moto EMEA chief Gherghetta boosts UK


New leadership at global level will generate new customer confidence for Motorola in the UK, Motorola UK and Ireland general manager Jim Michel (pictured) has told Mobile News.

He said the company would benefit not only from new co-chief executive Sanjay Jha, but from new head of EMEA mobile devices, former Australian country manager John Gherghetta.

Said Michel: "At the moment, we have focus in the organisation with our new leadership.

"John Ghergetta is aggressive and wants to win. We are looking for big things from him.

"That winning mentality is going to spread throughout the team, but we also understand we aren’t just instantly going to become number one.

"We have had some very strong feedback on what we have planned for next year, even from those who have been very critical.

"We need to communicate what’s going to happen next year to instil some confidence in our customers.

"People tell us all the time they don’t want us to fail because we give them more choice."

He went on: "We are listening more to our customers now, which is what we should have been doing – there was a period where we stopped listening, but we have cleaned our ears out.

"I think you will see a different type of Motorola next year, with more focus, and working with the right type of customers."

Michel hinted that further gains were to be made from co-branding exercises along the lines of its deal with Kodak for its Motozine ZN5 5-megapixel cameraphone, as well as in mass market handsets with new-look interfaces and the smartphone market too.

He said Motorola would concentrate on addressing the UK prepay market next quarter, according to the traditional Christmas quarter focus and the belt-tightening on the part of consumers in the current economic climate.

"Our position has been well documented, but it stands us well to address the prepay market, which is in demand at the moment," he said.

"Some very aggressive plays are going to happen over the next few months, but we will offer prepay products – there won’t be too many contract products from us between now and the end of the year.

"We have a great promotion starting around the back end of September, beginning of October, which will be very strong.

"If you think of the TV programme The X Factor and its principles, it’s along those lines."