Vodafone introduces flatscreen POS


Vodafone will install flatscreen televisions with real-time marketing updates across its stores from November.

Cable & Wireless has developed the software and application and will provide the broadband connections, enabling Vodafone’s marketing department to deliver customer advertisements direct from its Newbury HQ in-store.

Vodafone’s marketing team can deliver up-to-date promotions and information directly to stores via the television units, without the need for manual changes to store point of sale materials.

The live marketing messages will allow Vodafone to run regional advertising and target specific customers, depending on location and time of day.

The technology has been trialled by Vodafone over the past two months. The operator will install the technology in 200 outlets initially.

A spokesperson for Vodafone said: "If we are giving our customers better service, it elevates us and the sales team.

"We expect digital signs to add a new dimension to brand marketing as we will be able to stream adverts, special offers and customer messages on a countrywide or regional basis to each of our stores."

Cable & Wirelesss said it expected other mobile retailers to follow suit in the coming months.

The company’s director of product management Phil Grannum said: "Vodafone is the front runner, but we have a lot of interest from other mobile retailers too."