Mystery Shopper – Lakeside Centre


Fifth place – 3

At 3’s doorway I was greeted by a ‘manager’s special deals’ blackboard that looked much like a pub lunch menu.

It spoilt the overall designer look, as inside there were large, funky purple and green sofas, bright lighting and a large array of phones.  

As no one approached me, I looked for Bluetooth headphone options but found only one; an I-Kit for £29.99.

After waiting 20 minutes for help, Mo put me out of my misery. I told him I was after the best music phone and wireless Bluetooth headphone combo £40 a month could buy.

Unfortunately, my confidence in him drained immediately. He struggled to answer basic questions on Bluetooth generally and had little idea on  headphones.

With some trepidation, I asked for a handset recommendation.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I had a Nokia N95 8GB thrust into my hand, with the mighty sales clincher: "It comes with Superman 3 on it."

I told him of my budget and Mo showed me the best tariff he thought he could offer; a £35 per month deal which included 750 minutes and unlimited texts.

Asking for the best headphone deal, I was told the only deal he could offer was 10 per cent off the internet. Useful.

I took a brochure and moved swiftly on from quite a surreal sales pitch.

Product range – 3/5

Product knowledge – 1/5

Airtime knowledge – 1/5

Questioning ability – 1/5

Sales ability – 1/5

Shop appearance – 3/5

Total – 10/30


The full version of Mobile News’ fortnightly Mystery Shop is only available in the print edition of the magazine. See how other mobile retailers did at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Mobile News issue 421 (August 25, 2008).

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