T-Mobile unveils T5 mega HotSpot


T-Mobile has launched the UK’s largest indoor Wi-Fi HotSpot at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

The HotSpot offers broadband speeds of up to 8Mbps. Access for non-T-Mobile customers is charged at £5 for an hour or £10 for 24 hours payable by credit card. T-Mobile customers on voice plans can set up a HotSpot account and pay 75p for ten minutes’ access.

"T-Mobile is committed to meet the increasing demand for people on the move to be able to connect to the internet when and where they need to – whether for business or pleasure," said T-Mobile UK head of internet-on-the-move Richard Warmsley.

"One in four new contract customers are signing up for our mobile broadband service and user numbers are set to quadruple in 2008. It’s clear this trend is set to continue and customers now expect to be able to hook up to the internet anywhere and at any time, particularly at major transport hubs like Terminal 5."